Jan Beck

Web Designer. Minimalist. Digital Nomad.

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Hi, my name is Jan Beck. I’m a traveling Webdesigner.

I have extensive skills in front-end design and development with WordPress. I’m a strong advocate of user-centric design, progressive enhancement and open technologies. I believe the web should be for everyone.

On this website I share what I have learned so others can benefit from it. Other fields of my interest are information science, digital music, self-education, minimalism, hacking, pre-modern philosophy, freelance work, entrepreneurship and travel.

I was born and grew up in Germany, made my first website at age 15 and finished my education as designer (Mediengestalter). I’m living a self-employed nomadic lifestyle.


Thoughts about design, WordPress development, information science, music, education, minimalism, philosophy, hacking, freelance work, productivity and the art of living.




UNI.at is an ever growing web site aimed at providing students with all the information they need in their student life. A news ticker, editorial help articles and a continually updated directory of all student programs and universities help people interested in an academic education to pursue their goals successfully. A calendar shows about any way to connect with others in your local area and a job board lists exclusive offers for people in the academic world.