Alfred 2 Workflows I use everyday

Written by on in Berlin, Germany.

The recent release of Alfred 2 for OSX introduced the ability to create so called Workflows. Basically what I used to do with Chromes Omnibox I now do with Alfred Workflows. Plus a lot more.

As a designer and developer I’m always on the borderline between people trying to convince me that the command line is the solution to all problems and people who don’t even touch things that don’t provide a fancy UI. 1

I’m also a permanent laptop user I rarely have my mouse with me and definitely prefer pressing keys over using the trackpad. Alfred Workflows give me the best of both worlds - one input field to control various tasks of my digital life. Alfred became the new GUI of my computer.

A collection of Workflows I found helpful

The Alfred community is a great way to find and share workflows. There is even a basic updater called Alleyoop available now that keeps them up to date. I found these particularly usefull for my everyday use:

Convert Color Codes

Comes with a color picker too.


Create Trello Cards

I’m a heavy Trello user and I love this one. You can set a board and column ID and it will add a description as well. Github link


Lookup Unicode Characters

My favorite of this list. Never have to search for the arrows and checkmarks again.


Convert Currencies

Works offline too.


Search Wikipedia

Allows you to add an optional language parameter.
w d Richard Feynman would search for the Wikipedia article in German language.

Search Github and Create Gists

In case you are a Sublime Text user have a look at Jeffrey Ways sexy code snippet management with gists.


Restart to Windows

Does what it promisses and leaves the default booting partition untouched.

Check Spelling with Google

Be warned: won’t improve your spelling skills.

Launch iOS Simulator

Convert Units

Control Spotify

Search your documents in Google Drive

I still have many of my older documents on Google Drive from back before when I switched to Markdown text files and even today I use it for some shared documents. These cloud documents used to be beyond the scope of your local search … but not anymore!

Download and setup Google Drive on your computer if you haven’t already and add its folder location to Alfreds search scope. Google Drive (formerly known as Google Docs) puts all documents as link references into your local folder that will open in your default browser when you execute them.

Now you can search for your Google Drive documents with Alfred too and even narrow the results down by using Googles file extensions such as gsheet, gdoc, gdraw, gslides.

Unfortunately even if you have enabled Google Drive offline access these references won’t work when you are offline.

Technically this doesn’t involve an actual Alfred workflow but it’s still worth the mention here.


  1. Stephen Hays talk at last years Smashing Conf in Freiburg did a great job convincing designers to embrace the command line.