Blaine Cook @ #btconf

Written by on in Düsseldorf, Germany.

“Reinventing Online” - notes from Blaine Cooks talk at Beyond Tellerrand 2013.

The web has often been claimed dead. The W3C was even demanded to be closed.
Web vs. Native: remote vs. local, complex vs. simple.

«Information wants to be free.»
Stewart Brand, 20y before the web

Connecting to the internet means connecting to all the devices that are connected to it. Which means all of them, these days.

UI Frameworks like Bootstrap become like the uniform buildings in big cities like Hong Kong

comparing Bootstrap to Hong Kongs skyline. Project by Michael Wolf

Blaine shows the instagrams horrible registration / sign in procedure.
He shows an text editor where you only select text by touch interaction to create highlightning.

Building stuff on the web is hard

Building social stuff is even harder.

It’s not art, it’s not architecture, it’s not literature - it’s all of it combined. We are creating spaces for people.

The web is compared to a river, that needs to contained and canalized. But the web is a giant galaxy. The web should be distributed.