Jeremy Keith @ #btconf

Written by on in Düsseldorf, Germany.

“This is for everyone” - notes from Jeremy Keiths talk at Beyond Tellerrand 2013.

«This is for everyone»
Tim Berners-Lee

There is much to learn yet entry level to the web needs to stay low. Even kids can create websites. The web is for everyone.

The internet does forget.

Comparing the 7 million websites that were deleted when GeoCities closed to the burning of the Library of Alexandria.

«The other half ‘making’ is ‘taking care of’»

  1. Treat our data like it matters.
  2. No upload without download.
  3. If you close a system, support data rescue.

«The internet never forgets»
citation needed

We need to think about preservation.


«Cool URIs don’t change.*»
Tim Berners-Lee

«The original URL for this prediction ( will no longer be available in eleven years.»
Jeremey Keith

«We should measure our work’s success in decades, not months or years.»

Image by @aworkinglibrary

The web is diverse. The web is crazy.

You don’t need permission to publish here. Chaotic, ugly websites and fart apps are a price we are willing to pay.
App Stores are a step back.
The Web was built at CERN to enable collaboration.