Mandy Brown @ #btconf

Written by on in Düsseldorf, Germany.

“How Things Change” - notes from Mandy Browns talk at Beyond Tellerrand 2013.

photo by paul goyette

Words like Webpage and Webcatalogs show us that books formed the web.

Classic comparison of the book vs. the book:

Book Web
static dynamic
finished incomplete
composed fluid
closed open
solitary collaborative
products services

Johannes Trithemius - one of the first bibliographs (also wrote about cryptography and steganography)

Thomas Kuhn - coined the phrase “paradigm shift” (magnum opus: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions)

How we can prepare for the future:

Be modular

Responsive design is not sufficient. Use APIs to abstract away core functions to be prepared for a unpredictable future.

Collaborate better

Should designers be able to code? is actually asking if everyone should be able to code? There is being literate vs. being fluency.

Writing HTML & CSS is not coding the same is designing in Photoshop is not computer science.

We need specialists in teams and hybrids that connect teams.

Let go

Be less afraid of putting things out. Even if you are not ready. Spend more time pushing things out than gathering “must read” articles.

The books becomes what it always wanted to be. Try not to be perfect. Everything is OK.