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“Designing for Today’s Web: working in a Post-PSD World” - notes from Meagan Fishers talk at Beyond Tellerrand 2013.

Content Strategy

Focus on content. Using lorem ipsum filler text says «I don’t give a shit about the content and only care about aesthetics».

Web content: it’s the meat in the sandwich not the icing on the cake
Karen McGrane

Explain to clients and users that we understand their problems and needs and offer the solution.

Content Inventory

Shape content for the web. Try to understand what the structure of the site is about. The most important work of you as a designers happens when you are away from your keyboard. It makes your life easier.

Design Prototype

Designers and content strategist can work in parallel / tandem. Make your mockup in markup. Build designs in the environment where they will ultimately live.

Loop in stakeholders early and often. Get feedback, minus the hovering art director 1

Recommended Readings

Visual Style

Bridge the gap between wireframes and mockups with style tiles. Clearleft: Visual design explorations. Use HSL to make rapid color tweaks2

Glosssy/glassy surfaces, heavy handed transparency, glaring drop shadows, embossed text, textured material are always never used in print design.

Maegan shows a website she did that weights 1.3 MB and compares to a new one that weights 424 KB

You can still make it to the front page of dribbble withe flat UI wireframes.

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