How to remove all items from the Amazon Kindle library at once

Written by on in Graz, Austria.

Amazon wants to store everything you ever sent to your Kindle in its cloud library. Forever. If you want to remove documents permanently you have to delete them by hand, item by item. This bookmarklet saves you the time.

I make heavy use of sending longer articles to my Kindle via Reeder. Plus some time ago I subscribed to that sent a PDF newspaper to my Kindle every morning.

This let my library grow until to reach nearly the four-digit mark. I decided it’s time to get rid of the clutter and looked for a select all - delete option at the My Kindle settings page.

Not so fast. Amazon apparently wants to avoid hoards of angry customers who accidentally deleted all their purchased kindle e-books so they only give you to option delete items individually. Googling the issue also didn’t help as I found many other users left with the same problem.

I noticed Amazon loads jQuery to this page and couldn’t resist in trying to loop through that item list and let jQuery trigger the delete button for me. After some minutes of playing around I came up with a basic code snippet that would do what I wanted:

    Fion.deleteItem('deleteItem_' + jQuery(this).prev().val())

Executing this piece of code in the JavaScript console will delete all items on the currently displayed page. Make sure you choose Personal Documents from the dropdown menu. You can still only remove 15 items per page but this speeds up the process a lot.

Add the following bookmarklet to your browser and use it on amazon Kindle library: Save me

It’s fun to extend other websites with custom functionalities. Reminds me of the Greasemonkey, a project that I haven’t heard anything about for a long time.

If you ever find yourself doing something like I did with this bookmarklet and article please make sure you check the “is it worth the time?” sheet by xkcd’s beforehand: